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Xcam2 Wireless Security Camera

Home Security Wireless Camera for Under $80.

Only $79.99


Protector Plus 10 Piece Security Kit

Home Security System is calling you! Protector Plus.

Only $129.99


WideEye Wireless Security Camera

The WideEye Surveillance Camera has a 120° wide-angle lens.

Only $99.99


Home Automation Kits

ActiveHome Pro 9 Piece Kit SAVE $131.00!.

Only $99.99


NightWatch Low-Light Wireless Camera

Night Vision Security Cameras

The NightWatch can "see" in 3X less light. Monitor night & day!

Only $99.99


Night Vision 3 Camera System

Xcam2 Wireless Security Camera

Best Deal Wireless Night VisionCam's, Record Everything

Only $199.99


XCam2 3 Wireless Camera System

Xcam2 Wireless Security Camera

Color Cameras Record all! Works inside and out.

Only $169.99


XCam2 4 Wireless Camera System

4 XCAM2 Wireless Camera, Multi Camera Remote/ Transceiver .

Only $209.99

Whether you are trying to protect your home or business, a decent home security system can provide you the peace of mind and security. There is no limit to what you can do to protect your family and loved ones. Adding surveillance cameras inside and outside your home is a smart choice to monitor and protect your family and valuable equipment. Home automation can be another way to add security and convenience with an easy to install and use kits. Home protection has never been easier with the X10 where you can get affordable and complete security cameras and systems. No matter what your budge is, X10 products can be a smart choice for all your home security needs.

We are an authorized X10 dealer that specialized in security equipment including cameras, security systems and home automation. Our main goal is to make sure that your home, office and family are protected and secured. With our large selection of security cameras and systems, you will be assured to get powerful systems within your budget. You no longer have to pay extra money on security cameras. One of the most important issues these days is security. With the alarming increase of theft, everybody is looking for the ultimate way to get protection. Home security is a very important issue which we all need to give a lot of attention.  



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